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Monday, October 13, 2014


I am just heart broken.
Dan and I lost our sweet, beautiful
Samantha Ann a week ago.

It happened so quickly
and we just are
having such a
difficult time
accepting that she is gone

I have never had a
dog that was as
much of a family member
as this sweet baby was.

She was our four legged baby
and you could never ask
for a better puppy.

I can not tell you how much we are going to
miss this sweet girl.

We love you Sammie Ann
and you will live
in our hearts forever.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Everyone has been Sick!!!

Goodness, I don't like being sick!

Everyone around here has had colds - Ada started everyone
off coming down with a cold about three weeks ago.
Then Lorelai got it - followed very closely by
her momma, daddy, and me.
Dan was the last one to come down with it, but it
has hit him the hardest I think.

I went with Melissa last week when she took the girls to the
doctor - Ada also has an ear infection - so she is on
antibiotics.  She should finish them up this week.

We all are on the up swing now - I still have a little bit of a stuffy nose, but Dan still has a horrible cough!  We are getting better - guess it just takes time.

The girls had to go back to the doctor this week for their "wellness check" and poor little Ada had to get four shots while Lorelai had blood drawn and one shot.  Melissa and I were so proud of Lorelai - she didn't cry at all when they drew her blood.  We were both amazed, but she was such a trooper!
They are both growing sooooo fast!

Lorelai is 36" tall and weighs 32.8 pounds!
Talking up a storm and wants to
"do it meself".
(But she will let me "help")

Adalyn is 27" tall and weighs 22.1 pounds.
Not quite walking, but really close.
She is starting to let go of things when she
is "cruising" around on the furniture.
Don't think it will be long before I'll have TWO
Oh my goodness!!!!

They are both in overall good health -
(they still had a little bit of their colds and Ada's ear was
not completely well when we went back to
the doctor on Tuesday).

Other than all of us being sick, not much has been
going on.

We are thinking about going up to Dowling Park for the weekend NEXT week - 
but we shall see.  We don't know what we would do with the pups.  We know that our friends that we would stay with wouldn't mind us bring the puppies, but we just feel funny taking them since Neil and Carol don't have any pets.
We would really like to get away for a weekend, but we shall see if we can figure something out.

Well, I don't have anything else to report - just wanted to check in and let you know that we are all doing okay.

Have a great weekend 
(we have 70% chance of rain all weekend).
Looks like a quiet indoor weekend
for us!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Excuse.

Well, here it is the first part of September
and I haven't posted anything since
July!  I really have no excuse other than I can
not stand my new laptop computer.
I so wish we had not purchased it, it was not a 
well thought out purchase, but I will now have to live with it
as it is too expensive to replace again.
I keep hoping that I will get used to it and I will start
liking it - but I really don't see that happening.
We shall see.

Anyway, other than that I really have no excuse for not posting.
We really have not done much around here - no new
projects going - just too hot (still) to do anything outside
and we don't have anything really planned for the

I spend the week keeping the little ones - they are both growing so darn fast!
It is hard to believe that Ada is almost 9 months old.  She is crawling everywhere and pulling up.  I think she might be an early walker, but I guess only time will tell for sure.

She does love to climb on everything and
followers her big sister around.
The picture above was taken about a month ago and she has grown
so much since then.
(I really need to be a better Nana and take more pictures of the little one).

Lorelai is growing by leaps and bounds also.

The pictures above were taken last week when we were in the backyard playing with bubbles.
She is talking so much more (and understandable instead of "Chinese").
They are both such sweet little ones but they do
keep us hopping during the week!

Now on to more mundane things -
we are having to replace the golf cart tires - they absolutely have
no tread left on them (the back tire had the belts showing this morning).
Dan has been saying for a couple of months that we were going to have a flat and end up stranded somewhere with the two girls.  Not a good prospect - so he took two down today to have them replaced and then we will do the other two in a couple of months.

We did take a ride out when we had the super moon a couple of 
weeks ago and I was able to get a few shots, even though it
was pretty cloudy.

Don't have much else to report - 
hope you are having a great day!

Take care and I'll
try an talk to you soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where is cooler weather????

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy.
Disclaimer:  This post has a LOT of pictures of the two girls.

Let's start with last week.
Monday Lorelai had a make up swimming lesson.
(Please forgive the quality of the pictures - they were taken
with my phone)

Lorelai and Ms. Erin

 Kick, kick, kick

She was not a real happy camper but she always did whatever
she was asked to do.  She might be crying while she was
doing it, but she did do it.

Tuesday Dan had his second eye surgery.  Both of the surgeries have
gone well and he no longer has to wear glasses at all - well, 
he does need very low magnification glasses to read.
In fact, we just went to WalMart and got the lowest magnification
they had.  So far, they have worked out well.

Wednesday was a "normal" day with the girls.

Playing in the family room.

Yo dude, what's up???

Too cute!

The little one is growing so darn fast!

Thursday, I had my eye appointment, so the girls were
picked up early.

The doctor's appointment went well.
The good news is I don't have cataracts therefore I don't need
surgery - but I do need much stronger glasses.  I should
be getting the new ones this coming week.
Now, maybe I'll be able to read for longer than 15 minutes
without my eyes burning and tearing up.

Friday was Lorelai's final swimming lesson.

Not wrapped around Ms. Erin's neck -
just leaning over her arm.

She actually did much better.  I don't know if she knew it was
her last lesson, but she didn't cry as much and seemed to
actually enjoy being in the water for the first time.

She still can't "swim" (she only had a week of lessons and those were not five days in a row), but she can "bob" under the water and
then grab the side and "monkey crawl" to the stairs.
She still needs more time to really get it, but
this was a beginning. Plus, she is only two.
We'll continue to work with her and
hopefully, next year, she will be able to
do more than just one week.

This week we have been back on our "normal" schedule.

We spent a lot of mornings outside in the pool.
It is just so hot we can't be outside in the afternoon.
(The temperatures have been 100 degrees or more every single day!)

My sweet, silly girl pouring water on her head.

Then there is my little

Look at those baby blues!

These two keep us hopping all week,
but they have also stolen our hearts.

And nap time is sooooo nice!!!

I am so looking forward to some cooler weather - and I'm 
hoping that will happen in about six weeks.  We should start to
have temperatures in the 80's in September.

There is a sure sign that cooler temperatures are not THAT
far away.
 Next Sunday we'll be looking at some football.
Okay, it's only the Hall of Fame game - but it's a beginning.
The following Thursday is our first Thursday Night Football
broadcast - and yes, it's just pre-season - but it IS football.
That also should mean cooler weather is on the way.

We can only hope, right??

Hope all is going well with you that read this.
Have a super week!

Hugs to all!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Will I Ever get my voice back?

I think you can tell from the title of this post
that I still do not have a voice.
While some may think that this should not be a hardship
have never lived with my husband.  Since he is hard of hearing,
and I can't talk loud, we are having a very hard time communicating.
I can't NOT talk - we do keep two little ones during the
week - and that requires talking - quite a lot!
I feel so much better - just don't have a voice.
Oh well, I may have to just get used to
not having a voice.
We'll manage - somehow.

A new, big milestone was reached last week.  On Wednesday I 
received my first SOCIAL SECURITY check!
So, yep, it's official - I'm OLD!!!! lol!
I don't mind - it's about time I starting getting
back a little bit of what I paid in for all those years.
(I started working when I was 14 years old - so,
I had worked almost my whole like.  Or at least, it sure
seems liked it sometimes!)

Here are a couple of pictures of
Dan playing with the girls.
They love for their "P" to get down
on the floor and play with them.
Such fun!

It seems like the last few pictures I have taken
of Lorelai she has something on her face.
This one is no exception. LOL!
This time Oreo cookies!

I haven't shared any pictures of the
pups in a while - so
this is one I took of Jessie Saturday morning
as she was waiting for Dan to feed
her some donut.

Last week was Lorelai's swim lessons - at least it was for
three days.  We got rained out on Thursday and Friday -
so, we go back today and Friday (those are the only
days the instructor as open - that we don't have
something already planned).
I didn't take any pictures - hopefully I will be able
to do that today - but we really did not have
a good time.
Monday was fine - but Tuesday and Wednesday she spent
the entire lesson screaming her head off.  She did what the
instructor told her to do - but she was crying the entire time.
So hard for this Nana not to jump in and take her -
but I was a good Nana.
We will see how today goes.

This week will be a little strange.
Tomorrow Dan has his second eye surgery - so we won't have the
girls.  It should be a quiet day around here - maybe I will be able to
get the house cleaned while Dan sleeps.

We'll have the girls back on Wednesday  then a half day on Thursday
as I have my eye appointment.
Friday we will be back with the girls and Lorelai will have her last
swimming lesson.

I leave you with the first video that I have every shared on the
This is my little Ada-bear doing here
"Inch Worm" move.
Hope you enjoy!

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Well,well, well

I sure do wish I could say that I was finally
"well, well, well", but I'm afraid that I can't.  I can say
that I am feeling better, but I don't have a voice.
(Dan doesn't think that is such a bad thing - LOL!)

The weather around here has been HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
We have had temps above 100 degrees every day for well over a week.
It has been so hot that I really don't like to let the girls go out
and play for long - just too hot!

One day Dan did get in the pool with Lorelai.
So fun!

Friday I finally took the plunge and got my hair cut.
I had been trying to convince myself to get
a pixie - and Friday I did it!!!

This is my first attempt at a "selfie".  I took it right after
I got home from having it cut -
she didn't wash or dry it so it's a little "wild".
It looked better the next day after I blow dried it.

Friday night we met some people from church to
watch the fireworks instead of going out on the lake to see them.
(It was nice to be with friends, but we sure didn't get to see much
of the fireworks.)

Saturday morning we went out to get in my car to go out for breakfast 
and had a dead battery.
So, instead we loaded into the truck, went to breakfast and then we went 
 into town and bought a new one -
$100 for a battery.
We did go by the dealership, and they would have "given"
us a battery under warranty.  So, why did we buy one
instead?  Well, they would have 
pro-rated how much time is left on the 
warranty.  Anyway, Dan said that it would 
cost us more so - over to WalMart to get
the battery!

Oh well, it's in and the car is fine now.
Sometimes we think about getting rid of my car and
getting a different truck (a four door) and just have the 
one vehicle.  I don't know if it would be better or not.
Just seems like MOST of the time we are always together - so
having two cars seems to be a waste.
Something to think about.

Gotta leave you with a couple of pictures of the
girls - they are both growing SO fast!
First, how about sweet little
(or Ada-bear, or doodle bug!)

She is ALMOST crawling, but she can get
anywhere in the house by doing
the "belly flop", as I call it.
She gets up on all fours and then just
flops forward.
She is pretty fast too!
We really have to watch out now -
never know where she is going to be!

Yesterday on a friends dock.
Such a big girl!!!!

Then, sweet Lorelai.

A little peanut butter on her face here -
but still 
such a beauty!

Also on the dock yesterday.
This one loves to ride in the boat -
her daddy took her for a ride in our little
Bass Tracker and then she
rode home with us across the lake
 before the
afternoon rain storm hit.
(She slept all the way across the lake)

Well, this week should be busy -
we have swimming lessons for Lorelai
every day at 2.
They are private lessons and
we are hoping that 
she does well with them.
 I'll try and take some pictures of
her lessons.

Next week Dan has his second eye surgery
and I have my eye appointment.
(I'm hoping I don't have to do what Dan has had to do,
but I guess time will tell.)

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend
and have a great week ahead.

Talk to you later!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Cold - YUCK!

I guess you can tell, from the title of this entry, that I have
a summer cold.  Came down with it last weekend and
it's about to kick my rear.  I just can't seem to kick it.
I think I feel worse this weekend than I did last week.
Oh well, I'm sure that it will get better.  I just have to
keep working on getting better by resting when I can and
trying to get as much sleep as possible.

Last Saturday, before I got sick, I went to the movies for
the first time since February (so much for going once a month).
Anyway, I saw The Jersey Boys, which is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  It was a really good movie that I enjoyed.  Had planned on 
going this weekend and seeing Maleficent but that didn't happen
with my cold.  Oh well, maybe next week.

I still have been keeping the little ones and, as far as I can tell,
they have NOT caught this cold from me.
They are continuing to grow so darn fast!
It's hard to believe that Adalyn is already six months
old - has cut two bottom teeth, about to cut another one on the
top, and is just about ready to crawl.
Give her another week or so and she will be.  Right
now she can get just about anywhere she wants to go by
doing the belly flop crawl.  She knows how to get up on all fours and
how to move the back legs - she just hasn't figured out moving the
arms yet.  It won't take her long and then - well, Lorelai better
watch out.  Ada wants to be where ever her big sissy is - so far, Lorelai doesn't mind - and I'm hoping that will last.

The weather here has been so terribly hot!  The temperatures have reached
100 degrees (or higher) four of the last five days.  It has been so
hot that I won't let the girls go out and play too much outside.  Then the bad thunderstorms move in around four o'clock or later.
Thursday night we had a terrific thunderstorm - with lightening flashing everywhere - Dan checked the rain gauge on Friday morning and we got four and a half inches of rain in one night.  It was pretty bad, but I guess we shouldn't complain - at least we don't have any flooding as so much of the country has had.

We did let the girls go out and play for a little while on Monday.

 Lorelai loves her slide almost as much as her little pool.
What she doesn't love so much is 
her bathing suit.
I don't know if the one I bought her is too little, but
she would much rather just run around in her
swimming pants and a t-shirt.
That's okay with me.

This was the first day that I took Ada outside in the
sand.  She loved watching her big sister play in
the pool and slide.

She also liked to dig her little toes
into the sand.

Looks like we are going to have another little one that loves
to be outside.

Dan had cataract surgery on Thursday - the doctors did his left eye first.
We will go back in two weeks and have the right eye done.
He was really nervous going into this - not really knowing what
to expect - but he has not had any issues and now says that it was a piece of cake.  They are telling him that he probably won't need glasses at all after it is all done - or, if he does, it will only be for reading.  He thinks he can already tell the difference in the brightness of everything.  He says it's like you have been looking through a dirty glass and didn't know that it was dirty.  He can still tell when he closes his left eye and just looks with his right.

This whole thing has made me a little nervous - I have an appointment to have my eyes checked in July - don't know what to expect.  When you reach a certain age things like this seem to creep up on you fast.  Well, there is no use worrying about it.  What will be, will be.

We really haven't done much else outside - between the weather being so hot, the rainstorms, and Dan's surgery - things have sorta come to a halt.  We still have to put down the landscaping cloth and the mulch - but it will get done.  Sooner or later.  We did pick up a couple of plants to go on the porch - an English Ivy and a Spider Plant - but that's about all that we've done outside.

These are some of the plants we have hanging on the pergola.
We even added a bird feeder.  Dan and I enjoy sitting on 
the porch in the morning (on weekends) and in the
evening (after the babies go home and dinner is done)
watching the birds and just relaxing.

Today I did make myself get up and go into town for just a little while.
I had made an appointment with a consignment shop to take some
of my clothes that I will never wear again - things I used to wear to work or things that are too small for me now.  Anyway,  I didn't want to cancel the appointment - so Dan went with me - and we got it all taken in - 20 different pieces.
I certainly won't make a fortune on the clothes - the shop takes a 50% cut AND they set the price - but a little is better than nothing.  I usually donate everything - but I had some nice suits (Jones of New York, Kasper, and Brooks Brothers) and I thought that I would try the consignment thing.

Dan also went by the nursery and picked up the bleeding heart vine that he wants to plant by his grill.
Hopefully, we will get all this finished at some point!  

Well, I think that just about does it - 
I hope everyone is having a 
good weekend.
Talk at ya later!